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EVENT // WKND 2016

After a successful but rainy WKND in 2015 it was time for the crew to organise a second WKND at Drachten Airstrip.
WKND is established by the same people that organise DMPD. To get an idea, click here.
DMPD is all about stance, chilling and high-end showcars. But WKND is a different kind of event. It’s a 3-day festival with live music, drag race action, show & shine, community area’s, camping, drinking beer and partying. All weekend long.

All cars are welcome but, compared to other festivals, WKND has a lot more higher quality showcars at the event.
People from Germany, Belgium and even England came to Drachten.


Last year, in 2015, the full festival was cancelled due to bad weather. This year, only the drag racing was cancelled. Therefor people could park their car on the strip instead of the swampy grass.
A little disappointing for the people who traveled a lot of km’s to see some drag race action, but unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about shit weather.



But luckily there was still enough to see here, like this Rocket Bunny GT-R.

All types of brands were present. JDM, Euro, a few French cars and a lot of VAG like usual.