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EVENT // Eurosunday 2015

When it comes to favorite events, Eurosunday is close to the top of my list.

All brands allowed, but all modified with great style.

whether it’s a slammed Golf or a JDM Honda, when you appreciate them all,

Eurosunday is a fantastic place to be.


In this gigantic VAG scene, I always enjoy seeing some other brands.

Like Peugeot for example.

It’s not the VAG scene that owns this sort of modification style. It can be applied to every car.

No matter what brand, no matter what age.


But yes, I confess again, I have a weakness for Japanese classic cars.

And my opinion is: if you can make a car look better, then just do it.

Doesn’t matter if people think it looses value if you repaint it.

Or if your grandpa curses you when you lower a classic car.


So yeah, every car has potential.

Every style has lovers and haters.

And every owner has his own ideas.

Just make your dream and get motivated by the result and the love.