dreamworkz15 Tuning / Styling

EVENT // DreamworkZ Car Tuning Happening IV

Winter days are finally over.

Time to show the world what you where doing in your garage the last 6 months.

Time to reconnect the battery of the oldtimer or replace the winter wheels with a new set of awesomeness.

Let the meeting season begin!


I went to the ‘DreamworkZ Car Tuning Happening’.

Actually, the first I went to this year.

‘Finally’ is the word that describes the feeling I had.


‘Finally’ outside, enjoying the sunshine.

‘Finally’ walking around on meetings with my camera, surrounded by good looking cars.

Yes, THIS is my hobby.


I am a big fan of retro Japanese cars. But the best meetings are those with a diverse list of brands and styles.

Most of the Volkswagens are modified in an equal style. But it gets really interesting when you apply that style to other brands.

And a nice lowrider had it’s own class which fits everywhere.