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EVENT // Hammink Performance Season Opener

So, the event season has finally began in Holland. It was about time since I haven’t used my camera since September last year

I read about this small season opener close to me and I thought, why not? This even was located in Ommen at a tuner called ‘Hammink Performance‘. It was also the opening of the new shop of the tuner.

It turned out the meet was pretty entertaining.

I’d like to start off with these two. A known M3 E30 for Declutched and a CLS 63 AMG wich is quite known for me. It’s the other car of the owner who owned the black Viper on the day Manuel did the shoot with the E30.

The owner of the CLS AMG, who I know personally, was kind enough to give me a ride. We pulled trough to around 200 km/ph and layed down some drifts. The car is very loud thanks to its open exhausts with a valve system. Pretty much everyone at the meet was impressed by the sound of this car.

Other cars were mostly from American descent.

Especially this Corvette was really cool. It is widened and has a metal brush wrap on it. It also has valve exhausts, but sadly these didn’t work. But the sound was still great.

I’d like to point out that Hammink Performance organised a cool start of the season meet, I’d also like to thank them for the free coffee and cookie’s.

All and all, at last I’d like to give these DAX Cobra’s (sadly no originals) a shout out for coming to the meet. These were probably the stars of the meet for me.

My next event will be Autorai 2015, this is coming up soon, so expect more of me!