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EVENT // Battle Of The Small 8


Battle of the Small is all about small cars. Unlike the USA, these little things are very popular over here in Europe. And because of that, this meet keeps growing every year.
Last year, on BOTS7, I had a great time with the Dutch Peugeot 106 club, but multiple request from friends resulted in going to BOTS8 with our own declutched club. And just like last year, this turned out the be one of the better meets of the year.


Our club attended BOTS with only 4 cars.
2 Peugeot 106′s, a Fiat Punto and a ratlook Corsa. We had a lot of fun and we hope to be present again next year. Hopefully with more cars!


The fun of BOTS is that there is a large variety of clubs, styles and car models.
It’s not like the average ‘parking lot meeting’ with 50% VAG and Honda. At BOTS you will find a lot of high quality cars from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


Expect a coverage from me again next year!