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FEATURE // Ben Parkers Honda Civic EK9

Here we have Ben Parker his show stopper Honda Civic EK9 which is far from the standard car that he bought a few years ago. The spec list on this car is huge, from the hydraulic suspension to the 24kt gold plated studs on the BBS wheels- yes gold!!
The exterior of the car has been built using OEM parts such as the face lift front end, the seeker spoiler and a full respray in the original championship white giving the car a factory fresh look.


Ben’s traveled the nation to attend as many car shows as he can so no doubt you’ll have seen the car at some point. He’s also branching out to Europe to check out the car and show scene. Having recently attended the 100% Tuning Show at Rotterdam, he returned with a best in show trophy out of hundreds of show cars from across Europe.


The detail on Ben’s car is incredible. Check out the 24kt gold and silver plated wheel studs and gold plated winglets. The BBS RS wheels have been rebuilt using custom dishes making the fronts 8j and the rears 9j giving the car some serious stance along with the hydraulic suspension system.


Under the hood is a thing of beauty. The smoothed and tucked engine bay along with the pristine rebuilt forged B16b engine. The engine mods consist of a forged engine block with JE forged pistons, Golden Eagle rods, Spoon cams, a fully balanced crank, a Spoon head gasket and ACL bottom end bearings!
Other mods in the engine bay are a Maxim Works manifold hooked up to a Buddy Club Spec 2 exhaust system, a polished inlet manifold, a JDM strut brace, a custom air intake system and an airbrushed head cover saying ‘the perfectionist’ which describes this cars owner down to a tee!


With the EK9 being a show car, Ben’s itching to start another project and there may be another in the pipeline. So keep an eye out as I’m sure you’ll recognize his unique style. In time Ben said he would love to own the iconic Honda NSX, seeing his Honda Civic I can only hope he gets one as it would look incredible!

Check out the video below to hear Ben talk about his one of a kind Civic.

video credit – Car Throttle