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FEATURE // Brandon’s Opel Astra

This is my first post for declutched.com so I hope I can make a good entry with this photoshoot.

Meet Brandon his awesome Opel Astra. Everybody loves VAG over here but Brandon decided to create something else. Something non-VAG.

After a long search he found some beautiful WRD 5D rims which matches perfectly with the color of the car. The car itself is armed with coilovers so no air over here! He also bought a beautiful Recaro interior in leather which matches with the door panels and the rest of the interior!



The exterior has a lot of modifications such as a full OPC bodykit. It makes the car more than OEM+! All windows have been tinted, blinkers have been removed from the fenders, the trunk has been cleaned… You name it.

After our photoshoot he made some other modifications like OEM xenons, OEM hood and some paint corrections. Awesome ride owned by an awesome person.


Like we already mentioned, the car has been lowered on Weitec coilcovers. No air over here! Brandon also installed the OPC braking system with 308mm discs.

The rims are also pretty unique, you can’t find these anymore on the market or OEM aftermarket. These are the original three piece WRD 5D rims, high shine polished. Dimensions are 8J in the front and 9J in the back with the perfect offset. The OMP strutbar makes sure the car is stable in all corners.


When you enter the car, you first see a perfect interior. Brandon installed a Recaro interior in leather together with the door panels in the same leather. The roof and the rest of the interior has been covered with some alcantara.

And when you don’t want to hear the aggressive music from the engine, there are a bunch of tweeters, speakers and woofers to satisfy your needs. The music comes from a complete set of JL Audio, for the precise details you should contact him because there are just too many modifications!



We want to thank the company Ebema to give us the opportunity to shoot some photographs on their grounds. So therefore thank you! We also want to thank Brandon for leeting us shoot this beautiful car. We still keep in touch because at a later moment this year we will do another photoshoot with this car and maybe some other Opels aswell.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first post for declutched.com.