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EVENT // Classic Car Show Eelde

It’s time for something else. No stance, no 3-piece forged wheels and no burnouts. The meeting season is over, so pretty much all meetings and shows are indoor by this time. Essen Motorshow is a bigger player here, but I don’t have enough spare time to go to Germany at the moment. So, what do you then? Well, since declutched is not only about tuning, power and fast cars, but about classic cars aswell, we might go to a classic car show. Indoor ofcourse.


The Classic Car Show Eelde is a well known show in the Netherlands and a nice event to go to when you love classic cars. But it gets really interesting when you actually own a classic car yourself. A lot of owners visit this event because of the large amount of car parts stands. You can buy everything you want for your car: Rare tools, chrome trim, lights, switches, emblems, bodyparts, and thousands of other parts. I was here not only to shoot some pictures. No, me and my dad needed some parts for our classic car aswell.


Parts are not the only thing this show is based on. This is an excellent place for car clubs to showcase their best cars. Clubs that are present almost every year are the Opel Kadett club, Fiat club, Alfa Romeo club, MG and Triumph club and lots more.

You rarely see an American classic here, unfortunately.

And when there is an American car present here, it’s badass. This year ‘Rent-A-General-Lee’  was at Eelde with two of it’s nicely build Dodge Chargers.

Most cars are standard classic cars. Seeing this Porsche 356 replica was an unexpected change. Most people thought about it that way. This car was recently sold to someone living near Eelde and thought it would be nice to come over here with it’s recently purchased polyester ratlook Porsche. I hope to do a feature about this car soon.