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SPECIAL // Weekend Trip: Nürburgring


Text: Manuel Compaan  //  Photo’s Jaco Markus & Manuel Compaan

The Dutch Peugeot 106 Club organises a weekend trip for its members every year. And because it’s a car club, the trip has to be interesting for car lovers. And what is more interesting in Europe than a weekend trip to one of the biggest, longest and most difficult race tracks in the world? Yes, we went to ‘The Green Hell’.

Of all the members, I had the longest trip ahead (530km). I had to refill my fuel before we arrived already. It’s not such a big issue, because you think about the weekend that comes.

We made some stops on the way to Germany. The first one was after 140km. Here I met Daniel and his red 106 GTi.

He followed the same route as me from this stop so we continued our drive to the next stop in the Netherlands, where we met the rest of the club. From here we had a convoy of 8 cars; 6 Peugeot 106′s, 1 Nissan Almera and 1 BMW 318.


After a 1,5 hour drive through Germany we arrived at the Ringvilla in Adenau. We hadn’t planned anything for today anymore, so we took it easy. Ofcourse we visited a restaurant and had some beer in the evening.


The next morning we prepared for a day at the Ring. The weather was looking good and we were all in a good mood.

Once we arrived at the most popular corner for spectators: Brünnchen.

We were early as there weren’t much cars on the track.

After spending a while watching cars come by, we decided to hit the track aswell. We headed back to the parking lot at the start of the Nürburgring to see if there was some space availabe for the little cars we brought with us.

As we drove around, we immediately learned that we had some of the slowest cars of today.

After driving 1 or 2 rounds on the Ring, we headed back to Brünnchen. The parking lot was more crowded as when we left it this morning. Lots of nice cars aswell.

This was also a great oppurtunity to shoot some cars at the Ring, because the amount of racing cars were increasing every minute.

After doing another round or 2 on the track, spending time watching and shooting cars and enjoying the good weather, we called it a day. We went back to Adenau and talked about a great day that we’ve had.

The next day we did a roadtrip through the ‘Rhineland-Palatinate’ area. Adenau and the Nürburgring are also in this area and this part of Germany has nice landscapes and great driving roads.


The first sightseeing spot we went to was Burg Eltz. Definately a recommendation if you like castles. Even if you don’t like castles it’s recommended!

In the afternoon we ended up in Cochem. The town centre lies on the Moselle’s left bank and this city is considered as the most beautiful place in this area. The first thing that catches your eyes is the Cochem Imperial Castle. From up there, you have a beautiful view over the town.

We had a great meal at Ellis Schnitzelhaus and this was basically the end of our weekend trip to Germany.

Back in Adenau, some of us went to the local disco and some decided to stay in the Ringvilla, shooting some photo’s and evaluating the great weekend we had.