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EVENT // Players Show 7.0

So back on Sunday, the Players Show happened. Now in its 7th year, it has quickly become one of the shows in the UK to be at. It appeared to be down in numbers over last year, as with all the forecast rain, it appears that some decided to stay away.

It didn’t stop too many though, and the day started off with brilliant sunshine. It didn’t take too long to cloud over unfortunately, and the rain hit earlier than predicted, but the atmosphere was great all day.

One of the first cars as you walked in from the car park, was this Skoda Fabia. I really like the dashboard delete, and how it all looks to be running through the iPad setup instead.

Walking in a bit further, and I came across Steve Fraser’s Mk6 Golf GTI on the Kleen Freaks stand.


And of course, you couldn’t miss Sarah Penn’s MK2 Golf ‘Gunter’

As I passed the stands, and started walking in to the outdoor Show and Shine cars, this VIP’d Peugeot from Belgium really caught my eye.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of Peugeots, but this one has definitely made me think again!

There was such a large variety of cars outside, from some great, and simple VAG cars, like Jamie Bridges’ MK5 Golf GTI on airride, and some AMG Aero II 2 piece splits.

To this eye catching Honda, with some crazy camber.

Along with this slammed Rover too. I really love this Rover, as it just seems to turn the whole car scene on its head, I mean, really…who does these things to Rover? Who cares….I love it!

This Caddy though, has to of been my favourite car that wasn’t in one of the hangars. So straight and clean, its not often you find a caddy in this sort of condition!

Heading into the hangars, and the quality of some of the cars in there did not disappoint.

Arun’s BMW was looking great, and it sits so well on the Monza 3 piece splits. I still can’t believe he drives this thing static though

And it is always great to see some of these around. The sheer size of it had me in awe though. I’m surprised it even fits on some of the British roads!

This MK1 Golf, belonging to one of the Westside crew, has to have been my personal favourite car of the show. It is just such a well finished, and very clean car. All the little touches, the great wheel fitment, and the simplified engine bay, just make this car look so great!


And I suppose, I couldn’t really conclude this without a picture of one of the Players cars. And the Green RS4 on the Rotiform IDKs is a fitting end.


This years show was great, and I’m looking forward to next year, when hopefully the game is going to be stepped up again!