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SPECIAL // LowClassic Russia

Okay, today I want to talk about the Russian and post-Soviet community known as ‘LowClassic’. Maybe some of you have seen Soviet cars with a low suspension, chrome wheels, rusty-like bodywork and other atributes of American classic lowriders. They just look beautiful and they are.

This motion started in the 90′s, when the USSR has gone, and Russia had discovered some American things like lowriding. But this wasn’t such a big community as today, because not many people could afford this. It has started to attract massively in 2008, when Autoexotica car festival appeared. Classic cars took about half of all cars present at this festival. Meanwhile, StanceWorks opened a group in Russia, and classic russian lowriders have been started to attract. Then, the main LowClassic group at VK.com has been opened in 2012. At this moment, the group counts 26.000 readers and riders. And, as you can expect, there are mostly classic Soviet lowriding cars. also Japanese, European and American. Everybody can find what he want’s.


Now, let’s talk about cars. The most popular car is Lada, model range starting with 2101 and ending with 2108. These cars are still popular in Russia, so you don’t need to search for rarities. Mostly the standard bodywork is not very good, so be careful. And, if you care about your car, this will be fine choice for starters.


The next is GAZ. Let’s just say the Soviet models look beautiful. The perfect choice is the GAZ 24 and GAZ 21. If you want, you can use the GAZ M-20, but this is a very rare car, and you better don’t touch it. The GAz-24 however, some of them had put the 220-bhp V8 in it, so it appears as American road dreadnought even more (I even don’t talk about the design).

ZAZ. This little car doesn’t look as American lowride muscle and it has the engine at the back. Some riders even force this engine to make this cute little car to smash a Camaro or even a Viper.


And the final one, AZLK and IZj. They’re known in Europe as “Moskvich”. Even Peugeot and Saab knew that they were very good opponents. You can choose between two factories. If you buy Moskvich, aged somewhere between the 50′s and 70′s, the better choice will be the IZj. Both of them have a very powerful engine, and their team has finished third at the “Rally-Mexico” twice. And if you very lucky, you can buy one with rotor engine maybe.


But how about estetic parts like a low suspension, mirrors, lights and other pars? First of all, you need to make your car low. There’re two ways: Cut the springs or install a pneumatic suspension. The first way is brutal and cheap, but you need to cut every spring very careful, or your car will miss stability and will look very awkward. The advantage of the second way – you won’t lose handling if you install it the wrong way. Mainly because it’s not you who will install it. But it’s really expensive, and adds a minimum of 100 kilos, which doesn’t help the handling much. But you can still use your car on normal roads – if there’s a bad one – because you can always lift your car’s suspension.

My recomendation – don’t change the lights. Only if you don’t think that you’ve found better one from other model. Parts like lights, mirrors, wheels, door handles – you can take them from other models of this car. For example, you can always take the front part of a Lada 2103 to install it on the Lada 2101. But never, NEVER use the parts from other cars. Well, that was a short story about LowClassic, cars and parts it uses, and recomendations on how to become the true Soviet lowrider. Hope you’ll like it.

Website: LowClassic Community on vk.com