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EVENT // Goodbye Summer Meet

Some mates and I went to the “Goodbye Summer’ meet in Oldenburg, Germany. This meeting is organised by OEM+ Nordkreis and takes place on a saturday evening on a parking lot near a shopping centre. A typical saturday evening meeting you think? Well… no. This event was promoted on the Facebook-page of OEM+ Nordkreis and more than 900 people said they were present this evening.


VAG Team Oldambt also went to the meeting, organising a convoy starting at Winschoten, the Netherlands. This convoy had around 70 cars.  At around 8:20 PM the convoy left to Oldenburg.

Once we arrived in Oldenburg, we saw cars everywhere. I don’t think OEM+ Nordkreis had counted on this many cars! The parking lot wasn’t big enough to store all the cars arriving.

When I finally found a spot (I would’nt say a nice spot, because it wasn’t) I walked around. The first car that caught my eyes was this beautiful E36 Coup√©.

And this Mercedes W123, the way I like ‘em.

There were a lot of VAG cars present at this meet, especially a lot of VW Golf. Shitty examples, but a lot of nice one’s like these.


You gotta love ‘em, MK1 Cabrio’s. Small or big bumpered, I don’t care.


The meeting lasted untill everbody left at around 12PM. Some BMW drivers were drifting on the roundabouts, rows of nice cars in front of the fuel station and people getting fined by the police. I had a great evening.