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EVENT // 3rd Show Your Ride Meeting

Today was not the best sunday to go out for a meeting. Rainy clouds had taken over the sky and you continuously ask yourself the question when the sun is coming through again…

I had plans to go to a local meeting called ‘Show Your Ride’ in Termunten, the Netherlands. This is the 3rd time this meeting has been organised and the amount of cars keep increasing everytime since the first edition. Today’s meeting had around 30 cars. The photo used in the header image was taken at the end of the meeting, when the sun showed itself again after a long time.

The quality of the cars isn’t as high as popular meetings around the country, but I liked around 50% of the cars here.

Let’s start with the 3 best looking cars in my opinion:

Normally I’m not a huge fan of Civic hatchbacks. I prefer the CoupĂ© verison. But I liked this Civic EK very much.


I really like Impreza’s, especially this ’05 – ’07 model. This example had the looks and the sound.


This 6-cylinder E36 arrived later. One of the nicer looking E36′s out here.


No lack of VW’s today. The MK II on the left is Arnoud’s car. He is the guy who had the idea of bringing a meeting to Termunten.

These 4 cars were part of the our little group. Marcel in his Alfa Romeo 156, me in my 106 GTi, Roan his Astra GSi and Johan in his Honda Civic.

I did a feature on Roan his Astra a while ago, so it may look familiar. It does look a little different though, because his car was involved in an accident some time ago.


This place has lot’s of potential for a even bigger meeting in the future. It’s a big breakwater in the north of the Netherlands with a nice view to a part of Germany. It can easily store up to 1000 cars when parked right. The surrounding and atmosphere is great and it even has a small mobile snack shop on sundays.

I have offered my help to promote and make this meeting bigger in the future, so you will hear more about this I hope.


The 3rd ‘Show Your Ride’ Meeting was the last edition of this year. I hope the sun will be present next time. Rain sucks if you don’t have a Dodge W200 ;)

Facebook page of ‘Show Your Ride’.