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FEATURE // Luuk’s 106 Rallye

Since I own a Peugeot 106 myself, I’m a member of the Dutch 106 club. There are lots of nice cars in the club, and this one is certainly one of the best looking.

Meet Luuk his 106 1.6 8V Rallye in the original blue color.


The car looks amazing on the 15″ 6,5J (front) and 7,5J (rear) BBS RM rims.

Luuk also customized the front bumper by extending the existing rubbing strip. The bar in the lower grill and the Peugeot emblem were also deleted to give it a more cleaner look.

You can also see a spoiler from a 90′s model Renault Laguna. It’s used on a lot of 106′s.


Because a stock Rallye has no rear spoiler, the previous owner had added a Pakfeifer. It’s not too flashy and it fits the car well in my opinion.

And ofcourse, the very popular RedClear rear lights make the car look like a newer model 106, allthough there isn’t a newer one.


Maybe you have already noticed the large sticker on the rear window; Luuk owns a Car Audio Shop called ‘Mag ‘t Wat Harder!’ (‘Can It Be Louder!’ in English). So, you can imagine that he has lots of bass in his little Peugeot.


Here we have it. Overkill maybe?


Exterior / Styling


  • Aerodynamic / Styling / Body: Custom made and cleaned front bumper
  • Aerodynamic / Styling / Body: Cleaned logo on hood
  • Aerodynamic / Styling / Body: Cleaned lock on trunk
  • Aerodynamic / Styling / Body: Devil Eyes with xenon
  • Aerodynamic / Styling / Body: RedClear rear lights
  • Aerodynamic / Styling / Body: Tinted windows
  • Aerodynamic / Styling / Body: Pakfeifer rear spoiler
  • Wheels: 4×108 15″ BBS RM (front: 6,5J / 165-50-15,  rear: 7,5J / 185-45-15)


Engine / Performance


  • Engine: 1.6 8V Rallye engine; 115HP, 138NM
  • Engine Components: Cold air intake
  • Exhaust Manifold: Spagetti
  • Intake Manifold: 1.3 Rallye
  • ECU: ECU remap



  • Interior parts: Blue flocked
  • Interior parts: Custom door panels optimized for 2x16cm speakers
  • Dashboard: Car radio moved and air vents removed.


  • Subwoofer amplifier: Kove Audio K2-2000
  • Compo: 4x 16cm Spl Dynamics HF kicks & 2x Spl Dynamics HD-28ND tweeters
  • Compo amplifier: Kove Audio K2-700
  • Entertainment: 4, 7″ TFT screens
  • Entertainment: DVD player
  • Entertainment: Rear view camera