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EVENT // Dumpd 2013

Only 13 days after M.I.V.W, cars from different parts of Europe drove to the Netherlands to be part of ‘Dumpd‘.

I haven’t been there last year. But judging from the pictures, it was a huge succes.

So this time, I grabbed my camera and got some amazing cars in front of my lens.


Different from M.I.V.W,  at Dumpd, all brands could enter.

Yes, of course there were a lot of Volkswagens. And yes, they were beautiful.

But let us put some Japanese cars in the spotlight.

This 260Z stood at the entrance of the indoor area. Black and white with a green rollcage.

Not a flashy color on the outside, but still it has got my attention.

We need more of these in Europe!

We need more Fairlady Z’s, but we definately need more old Skylines.

This car is one of the reasons why I came to Dumpd. I first saw it on pictures of last year’s edition.

I was very pleased to see it in real life.


Now, we talked about German and Japanese brands. It’s time to end, with some French cars.