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FEATURE // Roan’s Astra GSi

‘One of the most beautiful Astra’s in the Netherlands’, according to multiple Opel forums.

And I think I agree. An Astra F isn’t the first car that comes up in my mind for tuning and styling, but this is a clean example. I can’t drive past this one without turning my head.


The car has a Rieger front bumper, Rieger rear bumper, GSi spoiler and Rieger sideskirts. A perfect fit with the 16″ Borbet ‘T’ rims.


And not only the exterior has been changed. Originally this Astra was a 1.6L, but Bas (the previous owner) has replaced this 71HP engine with a 150HP C20Xe GSi engine with some modifications. It has around 180HP now.


Exterior / Styling:

•    Aerodynamic / Styling / Body: Rieger Rear Bumper
•    Aerodynamic / Styling / Body: Rieger Front Bumper
•    Aerodynamic / Styling / Body: WES-Tuning Black Pearl Rear Lights
•    Aerodynamic / Styling / Body: Sonar Angel Eyes
•    Aerodynamic / Styling / Body: Rieger GSi Spoiler
•    Aerodynamic / Styling / Body: Rieger Skirts
•    Wheels: Borbet “T” 16×9 ET30

Engine / Performance:

•    Brakes: Girling Lucas Brake Calipers; 298/28 mm
•    Engine Components: GM Cilinderhead, channels flowed
•    Engine Components: M-tech SFI replacement
•    Engine Components: GM Cilinderhead, Sharpend valves
•    Exhaust / Muffler: Sebring Group A
•    Exhaust Manifold: Sebring 4-2-1 Spagetti
•    Intake Manifold: GM Flowed intake, K&N free air filter
•    Performance Chip: DDV Motorsport 8000 RPM Chip
•    Shocks: KONI Yellow
•    Springs: KONI 70-45
•    Strut Bars: OMP rear upper bar
•    Strut Bars: OMP front upper bar
•    Tires: Dunlop SP9000


    Gauges / Head Unit: WES tuning White Gauges with Blue lights
•    Seats: GM GSI seats
•    Steering Wheel: POli Racing 30 Cm Racing wheel
•    Other: Blue neon under dash & seats