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EVENT // Stance @ Night

I had never been to a night meeting before. The main advice you find about night photography, is to use a tripod. But I don’t like walking around on meetings with it.
Luckily, it took place from 6 PM till 12 PM, on a beautiful summer evening, when the sun goes down at 10 PM.

All brands and all styles were allowed, with some entrance selection. Of course, the German brands were well represented. Lowered and on a nice set of wheels.


This Golf MK1 always grabs my attention. Nicely restored and fitted with OZ wheels.


Wheels are important. These BBS RS take this Astra to a higher level.


It’s good to see the popular cars being lowered and fitted with a nice set of wheels. But it always makes me happy to see something different. This Ford Mondeo for example. Outstanding!