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EVENT // 1st Annual Classic Car Show Winsum

Sponsored by the local fire departement of Winsum, the ‘Promotion Winsum’ foundation organised the first annual classic car show in downtown Winsum. It’s not the biggest car show, but the pleasant scenery makes it certainly one of the nicest around here.

No big conference hall filled with cars or a big lawn with rows of classics. No, an old-school downtown of a small village in the north of the Netherlands filled with 180 classic cars.


This is the car that caught my eye as soon as I got out of my car. A nice lowered matte-brown Beetle.

This is the way how you should lower a classic Volkswagen.

Okay, enough of this Beetle. But I have to admit; It was my personal favorite of today.


Like every classic car show, British roadsters were well represented by multiple Triumph’s, MG’s and Austin Healey’s.

I even saw a rare Jensen Healey.


This was one of the American cars, a ’51 Chevy Styleline DeLuxe.


One of my other favorites was this ’63 Ford Consul. Other visitors loved it just as much as I did.


At the end of the day, I came across this beautiful ’55 Thunderbird in the best color for this car: ‘Torch Red’.

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